About USI

Since our founding in 1978, Utility Systems, Inc. (USI) has become a recognized and reliable leader in the design and construction of Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME). USI has been proud to serve a vast and diverse group of customers that include major investor-owned utilities, government utilities, transmissions, and hydroelectric companies, nuclear and fossil fuel generation companies, wind farms, and local municipalities. With over thirty years of experience and a commitment to accuracy and reliability, our team stands unmatched in customer service. USI proves itself as a leading force in the ongoing development of disturbance monitoring equipment for the utility industry.

Designed and manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana

USI’s DME systems are truly multifunctional platforms configured to provide singular or multifunctional roles through our intuitive software platforms. The current product line consists of digital fault recorders (DFR), sequence of event recorders (SER), dynamic disturbance recorders (DDR), phasor measurement units (PMU), data collection, disturbance analysis software, and current transformers.

USI designs and manufactures all of its products in our factory in Indianapolis, Indiana. All of our design, manufacture, and software engineers, application personnel, and service representatives work thoroughly together. This allows us to maintain USI’s most valued asset: our reputation for unparalleled quality and service.

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