Customer Service

USI’s reputation build upon ensuring our customers have success with our products. We do this through on-site user training and installations as well as…

On-site Installation

At each customer’s request USI employees readily perform on-site installations and system commissioning. Our available teams makes the process of obtaining a state-of-the-art USI DME System for your business worry-free.

On-site Training

As a normal part of our USI employee installation and DME system commissioning, we provide on-site user training. During a two-day, on-site commissioning process, a USI employee will perform channel verification, set up calibration records, set up and verify that the current and voltage values run properly, and verify the communications, network, GPS, and satellite connections.

Additionally, one-on-one or classroom setting, user training on USI software for your company’s employees are available at our facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The In-House training at our USI facility is available when scheduled in advance and free when you purchase a USI DME System.

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