USI Product Line

Utility Systems, Inc. ™ offers the world’s most advanced and reliable Disturbance Monitoring Equipment, dedicated fault locating software, and accessories to meet any type of disturbance monitoring needs. All USI DME Systems are suitable for Distribution, Transmission, Generation, and Industrial applications and offer customers a sense of security that is simply unmatched.

Model 9000

The flagship DME system of USI with industry first features and leading technology.
The model 9000 is the most advanced, reliable, and secure DME on the market

disturbance monitoring equipment
Health Monitoring with One Click Verification of All Inputs & Live Monitory of All Function
Embedded Linux Operating System for Higher Reliability and Security
Customizable system and configuration with unlimited analog and digital Channel count and Expandibility

Web-Based User Interface with new comtrade analysis software
Distributed, Standalone, or Centralized Architecture via Ethernet

High Performance with unrestricted number of inputs, measurements, and continuous recording

Model 2002

The Model 2002 is the highly successful predecessor to the Model 9000.
It continues to be a best-in-the-class all-in-one system
for customers who maintain large fleets of existing 2002 disturbance monitoring equipment( DME) systems.

Model 2002 DME system
User Friendly Windows™ Based Software
Large System Size:
128 Max Analog Channel per system
Distributed Architecture Options for Flexibility and Easy Expansion

M9000 Portable DME

The industry's first fully functioning DME that was designed ground up to be portable.
The M9000 Portable has all of the same features and capabilities as the standard Model 9000.
Now, you don't have to sacrifice functionality for portability.

Chassis configurations

Chassis cabinets

USI customers are able to choose from multiple modular configurations in both Turn-Key Cabinet Configurations and Retro-Fitted Modular Distributions to meet nearly any specific customer request.


From software to relays, Utility Systems, Inc. ™ offers customers a variety of accessories to meet all digital fault locating and disturbance monitoring needs.